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Be Warned: There Will Be Fan-Girl Sqealing. October 13, 2008

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My blog seems to be turning in to obsessive posts about Twilight. Meh, who cares. Nobody reads this anyway.

So, the final trailer came out Thursday…SQUEAL! Actually, it was slightly annoyingly released at 3am UK time, so I had to wake up early on Friday morning before school to watch it. But it was so incredibly worth it. Robert Pattinson (or Patty, as H and I have named him) has definitely grown on me. Has he always been oh-so pretty? I hated him at first, but now…*sigh*.

Something that’s made me giggle in the trailers though, and the movie stills, is the way Patty looks as if he’s constipated instead of ‘intense’, as I think he’s trying to look. Especially in the final trailer, when he’s saying ‘my family aren’t like others of our kind’. Seriously though, take a look at his face when he’s sat up in that tree; it cracks me up. I guess it has something to do with the fact that he’s trying to put on an American accent (which is pretty good, in my opinion) and sometimes it makes his face look…strange.

And oh my, how much freaking chemistry to Robert and Kristen have? They’re such a perfect Edward and Bella. That kiss was just…tingly. (You know – fuzzies? Tingles up your spine?) …so very tingly.

That’s enough obsessing for one day.


It’s Called Personal Space, Buddy. October 7, 2008

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Urgh, this Sunday reminded me why I hated London…the freaking underground. Why is it that the only people (except for myself, and a few other people) who travel on tubes/trains/subway are people that have no grasp of how to act in public? The things that annoy me:

  • People who…don’t use deodorant. And then they hold their arms up (whilst wearing a vest, no less) to grap on to the bar, and they shove their armpit in your face. Lovely.
  • People who listen to their ipod at full volume, without putting the earbud actually in their ear. Why do people have to listen to music so loud in public spaces that other people can hear it? I’m not an old Grandma, but jeez…turn it down!
  • People who stare at you. Until you’re freaked out and think they have a gun or bomb or something.
  • If on a tube/train/bus, whatever, there is a seat that’s made for two, that means it is made for two. Not me and my sister plus some sweaty thirty something who’s not exactly zero. If there’s not a seat, don’t sit down. Standing won’t kill you.
  • You’re holding on to a bar or something when somebody puts their hand right on top, or touching yours. You don’t want to move it because that might be rude, but their hand is all icky, and just…ew.
  • Oh, god. I just remembered this one. I was stood on a PACKED train, right at the end (end carriage, right at the driver’s door) and we stopped at a station. There was no way anyone was getting on, but of course people have to try anyway. And then they look in the window and start signalling and shouting at you to move down, when you’d be sitting on top of someone if you did. So you don’t, and then they give you the finger. Nice.

I sound like such a snob =] But seriously, it’s annoying.


Inkdeath Comes Out Tomorrow =] October 5, 2008

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(SPOILERS for Inkheart and Inkspell, just in case you’re planning on reading them)

…how very exciting. I’d completely forgotten, and I haven’t even ordered it yet. I’ll have to get right to that. I couldn’t just buy it in a shop. Pssh. How completely medieval.

I’m talking about Inkdeath, by Cornelia Funke by the way, which comes out tomorrow (Oct. 6) here in the UK. And it’s a book. That seems to be all I blog about these days (haha, these days. I sound like my Grandma). But reading the synopsis on Amazon, it says ‘But is Meggie falling out of love with Farid?’ Noooo! That can’t be! I’ll cry.

The phrase ‘falling out of love’ makes me giggle for some reason. It sounds like the sort of thing a five year old would say. It just doesn’t seem like a serious thing to say. Fall out of love? Tee hee.

Seriously, though. How can Meggie ‘fall out of love’ with Farid? She’s in love with him, and he’s in love with her and they’re so happy! Dustfinger died so Farid could come back to life (in Inkspell), basically for Meggie. And then she decides she doesn’t love him anymore? They absolutely have to love each other – they’re ‘made for each other’ (excuse the cheese). The Meggie/Farid parts were the best parts of Inkspell, especially the kiss in the rain…*sigh*

I pretty much skimmed the rest of the synopsis. My eyes were searching for ‘Meggie and Farid’!

Okay, I’m going to stop speculating. I’ll find out when I read the book; which will hopefully be soon. I might just ask my Dad to buy it in a shop in his lunch hour, as strange as that’ll seem. I never really buy books/games/cds/dvds in shops anymore. Shops are overrated.

On that note, I say goodbyeee.

Peace, Love and Chocolate! ♥


*squeal* Eighty days to go…(another post of ramblings, if you’re interested) September 30, 2008

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Bonjour! (I had double French today. Can you tell?)

My Twilight poster still hasn’t come. I am mad. Rawr.

Seriously, though. Why not? I was looking forward to that poster too… have I even mentioned it? I can’t remember. Hmm. I’m too lazy to check my last post, anyways. Well, basically I ordered this huuuge Twilight poster from eBay last Wednesday, and it hasn’t come yet, and that upsets me. I’ve moved all my other ones to make room for it and everything! I even moved my photo frame. You hear me? My photo frame! The one with all the best photos in! The photo frame is just…amazing. It doesn’t get moved unless it’s absolutely neccessary. And a Twilight poster, my friend, is neccessary. Vraiment, vraiment neccessary. (I sometimes use French words if I like them better than their English words – for example, very to vraiment. Vraiment is just so much better, don’t you think?)

80 days until the day. My friend H and I have christened it TBDEITWBTICO. Ten points to the person who gets what that stands for. And who doesn’t want points? You can use them to buy stuff (e.g nothing a Porsche) and everything.

I saw the Inkheart trailer today, speaking of films and the like. I love those books, but the film looks sort of terrible. I double, triple hate the people they’ve casted as Dustfinger, Elinor, Capricorn and Farid (not that they even gave him ANY screen time in the trailer, but I’ve seen pictures). The actor who plays Farid looks like a twenty year old (who knows, maybe he is) and Meggie looks like a twelve year old (which she is supposed to be) and in Inkspell, they’re supposed to get together…can I get an ew? If they make a film out’ve Inkspell, it’s going to look awful. I LOVE Meggie/Farid, but I think the film is going to ruin it.

I just checked on Wikipedia, and Rafi Gavron (or Farid) was born in 1989, so I was almost right. Oh, well Eliza Bennett (Meggie) was born in 1992, so I suppose it’s not that much of a difference. Woah, she reallly doesn’t look sixteen. She’s amazingly pretty and adorable, but her face looks way younger than that. And she’s portraying a twelve year old…hmm, we’ll see when the film come’s out, won’t we. i’ll just say I’m not too impressed with the casting so far. Nothing against Eliza, she seemed like a good actress from the trailer, but she looks way younger than Farid. But I suppose that’s the casting of Rafi. Anyway, I’ll stop speculating and actually wait until I see the film to make judgements.

Hmm, what other films can I do some endorsement for :D Ohh, HSM3! Ahh, I’m so lame. I actually like High School Musical. So shoot me. That’s actually the one that’s coming out closest, out of all the ones I’m excited for. But…meh, it’s the one I’m least excited for. I’m even looking forward to Inkheart more, even though I think it might be terrible. Twilight has me bouncing up and down (as will Harry Potter when it actually gets CLOSE! Damn you, WB…), Inkheart…kinda does, and HSM3…well, I’m not moving out of my chair, really. I’m going to see it, but I’m not really looking forward to it.

I know I’ve been rambling today, so I’ll stop now. Au revoir.


A Post About Twilight, Hockey and A Boy Named FF. September 27, 2008

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Okay, so the posting every day thing didn’t exactly work out. Can I just use the ‘I’ve been busy’ excuse? I suppose it’s true. I also couldn’t think of anything interesting to write about it.

It’s been another boring week of school. The teachers really are piling on the homework this year.

I kinda decided when I started this blog I wouldn’t write to much about the guy I like, but – I’m going to. So screw it.

Basically, I think I might love him. Even though I’m only thirteen, and people think that’s way too young to love someone. But I think I have loved him for more than a year, if I’m honest with myself. I’ve drifted in and out of crushes on other people, but he’s always there. Because of our surnames, we sit together in practically all of our lessons at school, so that amounts to a lot of talking. He knows more about me than some of my girl friends, and I know a lot about him. He’s not conventionally good looking, but that doesn’t really bother me. Sure, good looks are a bonus, but they’re not a necessity.

His name is FF. Well, that’s obviously not his real name. It’s not even his real initials – it’s a nickname, but I’m not even going to tell an anonymous blog what it is. It’s rather embaressing. Have fun guessing though, if anyone’s reading.

He’s funny, and fun to talk to, and just basically awesome. He’s clueless about girls, but I kinda like that. He’s also never had a girlfriend (except for once, but that ended within a day. Long story.) and I like that too. I like it when he teases me, and when he calls me his best friend always, and when he says my name in that whiny voice he puts on. I like it when the teacher says something, and he grins at me because he just knows I’ll find it funny. I like the fact that he draws smiley faces in my book, and he writes hello upside down with the numbers on my calculator (no prizes for guessing that one of the lessons we sit together in is maths) I like the way he comes up behind me and prods me to make me jump. And I like that massive grin he always has on when I turn around. I just like him, basically.

But that’s enough of all the stupid boy stuff, let’s change the subject =]

It is now 83 days until the Twilight film =] I’m talking about the UK release, of course, before everyone tries to correct me. I’m so super excited. I got my Dad to buy me and my friend H a poster from ebay, which was SUPPOSED to arrive today, but didn’t :( It’d better arrive on Monday, I’m going to rearrange all the other various band/film posters on my walls to make room for it! Something that makes me peeved is the fact that America are getting treated so much better than the UK about Twilight. They get the calendar, t-shirts, earlier release date, etc etc. Twilight has a huge fanbase in Britain (and everywhere else that’s getting shoved aside) too you know Summit! Show us some Twilight Love! Bring the release date forward to be the same as the US release…go on, you know you want to…I know that at least me and my best friend will love you forever =]

Oh, and don’t get me started on WB changing the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince release to JULY! I think I might be even madder about that. And in my opinion, they’re wrong if they think it means they’ll get more money. Yeah, it won’t have to compete with Twilight, but the casual movie fans who might go see it if they feel like it are less likely to go now, due to the fact that July is most definitely a summer month. Less people go to the cinema in July! I know I don’t have a company worth millions of pounds like Warner Brothers, but even I know that. I suppose they know what they’re doing. But it’s making a lot of fans mad. I heard on a podcat that WB have even recieved death threats. Death threats. I can’t believe anybody would go that far. I can’t believe that anyone who’s a fan of a book like Harry Potter would ever send someone a death threat over said book/film. Some people really are pathetic.

I do know one thing that happened this week that I want to write about. Okay, so we were in PE on Tuesday. I’m not the best hockey player in the world, but I’m certainly not the worst. I know how to pass a ball, and I know how to score, and I know how to intercept. But I messed up one pass – one pass – to my teammate, and also my second best friend, so somebody on the other team got it. Usually, my teacher gives merits to people who intercept well, so the person who got the ball asked her for one. But even I’ll admit it wasn’t a good pass, and I practically threw it at her. So Miss said ‘No, you didn’t really intercept. It wasn’t a hard pass.’ So the girl who got the ball said to my friend who I was passing to (and I heard, because I was about two feet or so behind them) ‘Well, that shows something about Rachel’s (my) passing then’ and my friend just laughed and nodded. Laughed and nodded. Is that what a friend should do? I don’t think so, not a best friend. But of course, my friend didn’t know I was right behind her, so she agreed. How un-loyal is that? I would never do that. I’d have at least said ‘Nah, she’s a good passer. Just that one pass wasn’t so great.’ Isn’t that the BEST FRIEND thing to say? I asked her why she didn’t try defend me or anything later, and she denied it ever happened. I WAS RIGHT THERE!

I think that’s all for now. Ta-ta.


How to Combat Boredom September 21, 2008

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Well, my second post of the day.

It’s a long story, but basically I was emailing my friend and she was saying how boring her Maths class was, and I emailed her back with my ‘Ways to Combat Boredom’ and I thought I’d share it with all you teenagers who find one particular subject incredibly dull. So here it is, copied word for word. Except for names, which I’ve changed to initials.

  1. Pass notes. Okay, so everyone does this all the time anyway. But it’s just the best way =]
  2. Play hangman/noughts and crosses. Kinda boring, but less obvious to a teacher than passing notes. Also, there’s the risk the teacher might read your notes – like Miss B did that time when we were talking about how you liked D. That was embaressing.
  3. Draw on your hand. Except you have really small hands H, so you’ll probably run out of space. Why don’t you have gorilla hands?
  4. Doodle. But if it’s in your planner, only do it in the notes pages, because remember how scruffy your old planner got last year? And the year before that? We’re only..two and a bit weeks in to the year, and mine already looks like a bomb hit it.
  5. Tap/click pen. Okay, this is boring but it can be fun…like when you tapped out a line of Sexy Back,  by Justin Trousersnake (haha) and I caught on and did the next line when I was sat across the room, and then you did…good times, hun, that was!
  6. Daydream. but I always seem to get caught out, don’t I? Take Mr B, for example – We’re sat in class. He’s at the board, and droning on about WW1 or whatever it is we learn about these days. He’s been talking for twenty minutes. My mind starts to wander…’L really is mean.’ ‘I wonder if I can catch your eye?’ ‘Is that mark on A’s jumper a burn from an iron?’  ‘What’s for tea tonight?’ ‘Will opening this sweet make a really big rustle?’ And on, and on, and on. Then whoever’s sat next to me nudges me and the entire class is looking at me (Mr B glaring) Turns out he just asked a question, and I have no idea what the answer is. But like the best friend you are, you mouth the answer at me and save me…I do love you, you know that right?
  7. See how many pages you can draw through. Y’know, go along one little line and see how many pages you can go through. I nearly went through my whole exercise book last year.
  8. Stare at whoever the eye candy is in your class.
  9. Flirt. A personal favourite, but difficult to do when you have to be silent. But we have our ways, right….?
  10. Mouth words to try to communicate with someone across the room. Like we have to do in History sometimes, because the seating plan means we’re at opposite ends of the room. Why are B and U so far apart in the alphabet? Damn you, alphabet creator.
  11. Fiddle. Anything can be used…pencil case/pen/pencil sharpener…an interesting piece of stationary can keep me occupied for a surprisingly large amount of time.
  12. Eat. If you have a biscuit/sweets/crisps in your pocket etc in your pocket, it can be fun to eat in a lesson. You put some in your mouth and your heart beats a gazillion times a minute, worrying a tecaher might ask you something. Then you’re relieved when you finish your mouthful, and sink down in to your chair – but then you eat more anyway, because it’s exciting.
  13. And finally…do the work. I know, a shocker. But it does pass the time, trust me.

She emailed me back saying something along the lines of ‘You’re a genius. Never realised you were such a slacker though, Rach! Just kidding, see you tomorrow!’

It really does make me seem like I never pay attention, but I do, honest. I’m actually a bit of a nerd, tbh. Not that that’s a bad thing. By the way, H is my best friend. Well, i have two best friends but (shush!) I really like H better. I can be really honest with her =]

By the way, I got three views of my last post, yay me! Comment if you like, I’d appreciate it!

Anywho, I’ll write again tomorrow, if anyone’s reading! =]


Well. This is my first post. Exciting, huh?

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Well, hello, I guess =]

So, I’m new to the whole blogging thing. I’ve read a couple, and some interest me more than others. The ones I seem to like most are random, day to day posts about life, so I’ve decided that’s exactly what I’m going to do. It might be boring, but life is boring. Anyway, I’ll try to make it as interesting as possible.

I should write a little bit about me first. Yeah, I don’t want to say my full name or post pictures or anything like that, as you probably figured from my blog name. That’s the whole attraction for me, the way I can actually be honest and write whatever I want. That’s something I’m not often, in real life – honest.

Anyway, here’s a little about me. I’ll try to heep it short, but I do ramble on. (hence the blog name)

  • My name is Rachel. I’m not bothered by letting people know that. It’s a fairly common name, after all. Nobody’s going to find out who I am from that. I could probably even post my last name, but I’m not going to. I don’t want anybody I know in real life to know this is me. Well, a few people might knwo it’s me anyway, just from what I say. You never know, my mum might even be reading this. Hi Mum! *waves*`
  • I’m only thirteen years old. I’ve been described as thirteen going on thirty, which isn’t exactly a compliment, I know. But I’m definitely not immature, which I suppose is a plus.
  • I have no idea whether on not anybody is reading this, but to be honest, I’m not that bothered. I’m more writing this for myself than anyone else.
  • I live in England. Location doesn’t interest me, but I know some people like to know these things. Oh, and now you know I’m British you won’t correct me on my spellings of sceptical and realise, like American people seem to do online. I find that extremely annoying. Something I think I do have is good spelling and grammar for a thirteen year old. Most people at my school seem to think you put an apostrophe before the s words liek beds, and spell quiet ‘quite’.
  • I really, really like to write. More than most things. I’m not ashamed to admit that I write fan fiction, because I do think it makes your writing better. Any writing can improve your style, whether it’s fan fiction or original work. Which I also write, by the way. I have to say though, I write fan fiction more often. I like to play in other people’s worlds, rather than make up my own. I guess that makes me lazy, but I don’t care. I enjoy it, so screw what other writers say.
  • I also love to read. I’m also not ashamed to say I like books that other people deem stupid, like teen diaries where the protagonist feels awfully misunderstood (Confessions of Georgia Nicholson, for example) My favourite series though, is Harry Potter and that’s the main fan fiction I write. I also like Twilight, and I am slightly ashamed to admit I’ve become an awfully annoying fangirl, of Edward especially. I read all the reviews on Amazon (wel, not all. Have you seen how many there are on the US site?) of the first book and decided not to read it, mainly because I thought all the people raving about Edward, etc, were pathetic. But then I read it, and now I’m one of them, and I promised myself I never would be. Yeah, I’ma ‘rabid fangirl’. So bite me. (See what I did there?)
  • Throughout this post so far, I’ve refrained from using a single smiley, which I’m rather surprised about. Oh, except for that one at the top. But that doesn’t count. Usually I do at least one per paragraph, but I’m trying to cut down. I also haven’t said ‘lol’ at all, which I’m also trying to stop using. I will, however, say haha a lot. Thats’s just one habit that can’t be broken, I’m afraid, however unintelligent people think it is.
  • Music is another thing that’s big in my life, so therefore my iPod (touch) is something in my pocket constantly. what am I listening to now? This Is Me, Camp Rock. And I’m not ashamed of it. And unlike most people, the reason I can’t wait to get a car isn’t so I can drive myself around and make out in it or whatever, but so I can listen to my own music, really loud. My mum listens to stuff I really don’t enjoy, but at least she puts it on low. For that, I’m thankful. Seriously, with her it’s all Abba and Shania Twain…hmm, no thank you. I won’t go in to my own taste in music, because I’d be here for days. I will say though that I have a really diverse taste in music. I have both The White Stripes and Miley Cyrus on my iPod, for example.
  • I’ve come across so far as being a serious person, but some of my blog posts are probably going to be very stupid indeed. Some will proabably written when i’m under the influence. And no, that doesn’t mean drink/drugs, it means sugar.
  • Friends and family mean a lot to me, even though I usually prefer being on my own. I’m not the partying sort of girl, but it’s not like I don’t know how to have a good time.
  • People tend to say I’m a funny person, but I don’t try hard to make people laugh. I don’t know many decent jokes except for one, which I might post some day. I’m awfully sarcastic a lot of the time, which is something I know some people don’t like – ‘sarcasm is the worst form of humour’, etc. I don’t agree. To me, Chandler is the funniest person on Friends, and Seth is the funniest person on the OC. And are they sarcastic? Hell, yeah.
  • I’m addicted to those online surveys, on places like Bzoink. I’ll probably post a bunch of them. But when you fill them in for places like Myspace, people are never really honest, are they? So that’s why I’ve turned to blogging. I can be honest.
  • I really like to put things in italics and bold, etc when I’m writing on the internet. I don’t know why, I just feel it can liven a long comment up a lot. And colour, too. I use lots of colour.

Hmm, I think that’s it for now. If there is actually anyone reading this, sorry if I bored you. Well, no, I’m not sorry, but you get my drift.

Oh god. I just knocked over this big bowl thing of gems we have sat next to our computer, for the second time this week. Why do we even have that? It’s surprising how far 100 odd gems can spread across the floor. They just took about five minutes to pick up. Right, back to the blog.

Now I’m done with the introductions crap, I can start posting real stuff. I might not post every day, but I think I’ll try. This is kinda like a diary, and you’re supposed to write in a diary every day, right?

I’m off swimming. Bye for now =] ♥ (gosh, that’s a deformed heart)